The Secret to a Picture-Perfect Smile

How's your smile? If you're like most people, you probably don't think about it very often. But you should— your smile is one of the first things 50% of people see when they meet you, and it speaks a lot about your personality. A bright, white smile makes you look younger, healthier, and more attractive. This is why it's so important to make sure your smile is looking its best at all times!

The Surprising Power of a Smile

Did you know that smiling can make people around you happier and more productive? Did you also know your smile is the first physical trait 50% of people notice about you?

Below, we discuss the surprising benefits of smiling and how you can start using your smile to your advantage!

The Benefits

A smile is a sign of happiness and gratitude in many cultures, but if used correctly, it can change the course of human interaction forever! So, what are some surprising benefits of smiling? Here's our list:

A Smile Can Make You Happier

The Best 3 Flossing Alternatives in 2022

Answer this: 

Would you scrub just one side of your face and leave the other side dirty? 

Of course not! 

Well, that's basically what you are doing when you are not flossing. 

Brushing can only clean the visible surfaces of your teeth, but if you want to get to those hard-to-reach places and make sure you remove plaque effectively, then you'll need to floss. 

Of course, most people are aware of the benefits of flossing. However, it's estimated that about one-third of Americans lie to their dentists about their flossing habits. 

How to Get Whiter Teeth in Time for Valentine's Day!

You may have chosen the best restaurant or the best dress to wear for your Valentine's Day date, but if you're not feeling very confident in your appearance, then that can hinder the entire night. Case in point: your smile.

Your smile can be your outfit during this special night as it can brighten the room and boost your mood. But, if your teeth are yellow and stained, you may choose not to smile on Valentine's Day and that would be a pity.

A Gross Mistake You're Probably Making With Your Toothbrush

Airborne Particles From Toilet Flushing Can Actually Make Their Way to Your Toothbrush Bristles!

Your toothbrush can harbor up to 10 million bacteria of various strains. Some of these bacteria are harmless, while others can be fatal. All sorts of contaminants, from blood and sweat to fecal particles can all be residing in your toothbrush and are introduced to your mouth when you brush your teeth.

The Ugly Truth About Your Toothbrush Cap!

Do Not Place a Cap On Your Toothbrush

Most of us know the importance of practicing good oral hygiene by regularly brushing our teeth as well as why you should regularly replace your toothbrush. However, do you know how to store your toothbrush in a sanitary way? If your toothbrush is located in the bathroom near your toilet, you might want to rethink your setup. Read on to find out why that’s a bad idea.